When I was a teenage girl it was compulsory to study War and Peace at school. I remember that the volume we had to read seemed frightening – 4 thick books with loads of pages describing the horror of the war with Napoleon in 1812…

At 15 we were more interested in socialising with friends, and it was difficult to find time for reading such a serious book, but as soon as we started, we entered the “wonderland” of Russian history, literature and language itself.

Tolstoy’s world was different and completely unknown to us, beautiful and tragic, full of love and sometimes, devastation. It was his world of real values, friendship, patriotism and the beginning of my path to adulthood…

For my A-level exam I wrote an essay about Andrei Bolkonsky, my favourite character and my true hero, a man of respect and admiration…

This is why I was waiting for the new BBC  production. I would love to get into the world of Tolstoy again. I liked the previous version of “War and peace” made in Russia by Sergei Bondarchuk, however, we are going to discover something new as this timeless story can definitely be told again.

And, in the meantime, I am reading in Russian the first book of this epic novel with one of my students, an English teenage girl who is planning to write her own stories… and she loves the novel!


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Widely regarded as one of the greatest novels of all time,
BBC One’s War & Peace will bring this classic to life
on a truly epic scale in a thrilling, funny and heartbreaking story of love, war and family life…

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